Rat Catcher

Alter Ego: Otis Flannegan
First Appearance: Detective Comics #585

At least this crazy gimmick is legitimate; Otis Flannegan actually was a rat catcher. However, he was also endowed with the ability to communicate with rats. I guess spending all that time in the sewers was useful after all.

While most people would just ignore this “gift” and try to live a relatively rat-free life, Otis cherished it and used his rat powers to live a life of crime. After mildly inconveniencing Batman for an issue or two, Otis was quickly defeated and sent to Blackgate Prison. He’s so lame he doesn’t even go to Arkham.

And eventually, like all useless villains, Otis was used as cannon fodder during Infinite Crisis and killed by an OMAC (Observational Metahuman Activity Construct, or androids created to go after anyone with super powers). It's unlikely that Batman even noticed his was gone.