Remember the T-Mobile Sidekick? Sure you do. It was probably the first smartphone you owned. The little phone with the swivel screen was the phone every celebrity from Fabolous to Paris Hilton made sure to cop. 

But then BlackBerrys crossed over from corporate, Apple unleashed the iPhone, and a guy by the name of Andy Rubin left Danger, the company that made the Sidekick software, joined Google and made a little something called Android. Oh, and then Microsoft acquired Danger. 

Now things are coming full circle in 2011, as T-Mobile is releasing the all-new Sidekick 4G powered by Google's Android software and sporting a pretty impressive spec sheet which includes 4G connectivity  (well, the ability to connect to T-Mobile's HSPA+ network), and a 3.5" touchscreen

The new model is built by Samsung and is being positioned to compete with all the smartphone heavyweights. It's going to run Android 2.2 Froyo, have a 1 GHz processor making sure things hum along smoothly. With the smartphone market as packed as it is, it's hard not seeing the new Sidekick becoming just another Android device when it hits stores this spring.

Still, we can wait to get our hands on one. Welcome back, old friend. 

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