Not enough adrenaline flowing through your body after seeing Red Skull's picture yesterday? Well, Swedish newspaper Expressen is reporting that Stellan Skarsgard (Good Will Hunting, the Pirates Of The Caribbean films) will reprise his upcoming Thor role, that of Dr. Selvig, in The Avengers. Here's the translation: "The Avengers is the dream team of superheroes, a group consisting of among others, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America and Thor. Stellan Skarsgard confirms to TT Spektra that he will play the same role as in the upcoming Thor, Doctor Selvig."

Other than the fact that he's a scientist in New Mexico, not much is yet known about Selvig. We'll keep you posted as more news about The Avengers develops. Thor, starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, opens in theaters on May 6. The Avengers will finally appease long-suffering comic book heads on May 4, 2012.