Starz has been slowly building their original programming credentials over the last couple of years (their mishandling of Party Down notwithstanding), and now it appears the cable net is ready to head to the big time. They're getting into bed with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski for a twisty paranormal drama called The Brink.

Based on the J.C. Hutchins book Personal Effects: Dark Art, the new series is described as a thriller along the lines of The X-Files, House and CSI. (Anthony Zulker, creator of CSI is a fan of Hutchins' book.) So, fun. Another interesting aspect of the series is an online component -- apparently Dark Art features "various online extensions," which submerge the reader into the world of Zach Taylor, a therapist with a serial killer for a patient. Naturally.

No word yet on who will star in this one, but judging from the out-of-the-box way Starz cast both Party Down and Spartacus, fingers crossed for someone fresh and original to lead the way.