With Vietnamese sandwich eatery Bun Mee opening tomorrow, Pacific Heights has an exciting new addition to its dining scene. Owner Denise Tran is Vietnamese born, but raised in New Orleans, so she brought the best of both worlds together to create Bun Mee's offerings. Nothing on the menu will run you over $12—a respectable rate considering the diverse ingredients behind the eats. 

There's a chance they won't be fully available for tomorrow's grand opening, but look forward to a number of appetizers, salads, sides, rice bowls, and desserts all inspired by the banh mi tradition. The soft opening has been going on all week, and has been filled with sold-out days, and customers uploading pictures to Bun Mee's Facebook account. The shop's logo is a scooter, and is a sign of where business is headed in the future—they'll be looking to expand with delivery service via scooter soon. 

Bun Mee
Grand Opening Friday, April 1
2015 Fillmore St. (at Pine St.), San Francisco, CA

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