While Jose Padilha hasn't been confirmed to direct the cybernetic crime/action flick, word just dropped that Robocop now has a screenwriter: Josh Zetumer. The relative unknown is quickly building a reputation for himself in Hollywood, despite that, as of now, none of his work made it to the screen. He wrote a fourth Jason Bourne script before heading in another direction, had a crack at Dune for director Peter Berg (Hancock), and his IRA spy thriller Infiltrator may be saved from the Black List by Leonardo DiCaprio and his Appian Way production company.

Despite Zetumer's history of penning intelligent action flicks, it would appear that Padilha needs to sign on first before Zetumer can begin celebrating. Couple this news with Detroit's proposed Robocop statue and you have a character reboot that's taking an intriguing shape.

[Via Deadline]