Charlie Sheen is showing the world exactly how he rolls and fans are clamoring for him in real life almost as fast as they are his Twitter account. The self-proclaimed fan of The Walking Dead was rumored last December to be making a cameo as a zombie for the show's second season. Even though it wasn't true it appears that the genius storyteller behind the franchise would still love to snag the former Two and a Half Men star for any role.

He jokingly tells The Hollywood Reporter, "We'll recast YOU as Rick," speaking from the Paley Center "Walking" Dead event on Friday (March 4). "Andrew Lincoln will find something else to do." With tongue very much in cheek Kirkman suggest other options in case director Frank Darabont and AMC don't dig the idea. "He can direct an episode," he says. "Actually [Sheen] could play a car for all I care," he adds. "He's awesome." Imagine, if you will, a Charlie Sheen directed scene where a zombie tiger is being killed by Sheen's Rick Grimes.  

That's what you call bi-winning. Share your thoughts (and your own crazy quotables) in the comments section below!