At this point, we have little doubt that 2011 will be known in the annals of gaming history as the Year of the Shooter. At the end of a long list of great FPSes that have already been (or will soon be) released is a tiny little IP called Rage. From Id Software, the creators of the legendary Doom and Quake, this thing may be a contender for game of the year with its gorgeous post-apocalyptic setting. Due out September 13, Rage features vehicles, a customizable arsenal, and rich storylines—and a totally bitchin' signature weapon. The "wingstick" is like a bladed homing boomerang that you have to find materials to build. How it doesn't slice you up upon its return we don't know yet, but we have to assume they've thought about that. Check out the weapons trailer to see it in action. [via IGN]