The Manganaro Grosseria Italiana opened in 1893, and has been owned by the same family ever since. The grocery store and restaurant will be ending its 100-year-plus run soon, so you should take the chance to soak it up while you still can. Due to mom-and-pop groceries falling by the wayside in favor of chains, as well as shifts in the neighborhood, the Hell's Kitchen relic has been struggling for years now. Legend has it that Manganaro's was one of the originators of the hero sandwich, thus fathering the style of your favorite sandwich spot. Come soak in the culture and enjoy a throwback to another era complete with creaky wooden floors, recipes from the old country, and old school, short-tempered New York service. The closing date has yet to be determined, but it's is looming dangerously close, with the shop shutting down as soon as the building is sold. Don't miss your chance to pay homage to—and fill your stomach at—a NYC classic before it's gone for good. 

Manganaro Grosseria Italiana
488 9th Avenue, New York