Director: Steven Spielberg
Nick Frost says: If you watch Paul, it’s obvious that, for me at least, Close Encounters is the one film I’d absolutely swear by. There are a bunch of films that I can watch again and again, but this is the one that, if I’m feeling a bit sick, or I’m not sleeping so good, that’s the one I’ll put on and just watch it over and over again.

Unlike a lot of people who are massive Close Encounters fans, I don’t really have a distinction between what version I like. I like different things about different versions. So I’m not a purist in that sense, where I’ll only watch the original and that’s that. I just love it any which way.

Close Encounters was the first sci-fi film—I think apart from Star Wars—I saw for the first time and immediately knew it was a complete game-changer for me. I thought, “Wow, this is fucking real! This is happening right now somewhere.”