Hov may have claimed that difficult takes a day and impossible takes a week, but the folks at National Geographic proved that the latter actually takes around two weeks.

Starting with a question that was equal parts simple and outrageous, the team from National Geographic's upcoming show, How Hard Can It Be? decided to figure out just how difficult it would be to lift a house with balloons like in the award-winning Pixar film Up.

Using a specially constructed house that measured 16' x 16' and tipped the scales at 2,000 pounds, the show's creators stuffed 600 pounds of crew members and 2,000 pounds of ballast and attempted to lift it with a bunch of helium-filled balloons. And it took 'em just two weeks to figure it out.

Now if only they could build use those floating recliners from WALL-E, we'd be in business.

[via BoomTown]