This is weird. We never would’ve guessed Owen Wilson would fit well with a Woody Allen screenplay. But at the same time, it makes sense. Wilson has a carefree approach to comedy, which gets accented by his nonchalant demeanor, while Allen incorporates uneventful plots into something darkly humorous. So, maybe, our naïve hopes of seeing the acclaimed director initiate Wilson's return to comedic prominence isn’t total foolishness.

As Allen’s ex-pat syndrome rages on, we’re seeing another film taking place in Europe. A couple (Wilson and Rachel MacAdams) visiting Paris connects with another romantic pair, which has a lifestyle very different from their own. Despite his charmed fiancé, Wilson’s character isn’t too fond of the “pseudo intellectual” (Michael Sheen) and his antics. So he sets off into the city for dolo and discovers a side of the romantic metropolis (filled with women, wine, and music) he loves.

Aside from the aforementioned cast, Marion Cotillard, Kathy Bates, and Adrien Brody are also on board. With an upcoming release date on May 20th, we’ll find out if both Allen and Wilson have gotten their mojo back.