It seems that Martin Sheen is turning a blind eye to his son Charlie's baffling blitzkrieg of fuckery in favor of celebrating Andrew Garfield's accomplishments in The Amazing Spider-Man. The elder Sheen, who plays Uncle Ben in the upcoming adaptation, has nothing but high praises for the newest New York web-slinger.

"He's quite the marvel, a very fine actor," Sheen told Total Film Magazine when asked what The Social Network star has been like on the set. "He's a lovely guy, very disciplined, very focused. He's going to be a huge star... We had a wonderful lunch and laughed and joked and he said, 'Just feel free to bring whatever you like,' and I said, 'Absolutely.'"

Talk turned to how Garfield handles the physicality of playing Spidey and Sheen was more complimentary than a crushing schoolgirl. "He's very athletic, he's in great shape. He plays basketball and he works out every day. He's fit. Very wiry, thin, tall, very physically focused."

So, for now, it sounds like Spidey is in good hands. Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters on July 3, 2012.