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Complex: There are so many good shows on TV nowadays that it’s hard to find enough DVR space to fit everything. Some people might not be ready to add yet another show to their library. How would you sell an indecisive viewer on Breakout Kings?

Malcolm GoodwinBreakout KingssomeLaughs.

Based on the commercials and marketing, you’d think Breakout Kings would be really dark, yet the first episode is pretty light at times. How do you think the first episode sets up the rest of the season?.

Malcolm GoodwinLaughs.

Your character definitely stands out in the first episode. It’s a really good look for an actor, such as yourself, who’s been in tons of projects but hasn’t blown up yet. Was Breakout Kings a tough project to land?

Malcolm GoodwinBreakout KingsBreakout Kings

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What was it about the script that got you so excited?

Malcolm GoodwinPrison BreakPrison BreakLaughs.

Why the hell would you pick that night of all nights? You’re not a football head?

Malcolm GoodwinLaughs.Breakout KingsPrison BreakPrison BreakPrison Break

What’s your take on the differences between Breakout Kings and Prison Break? Naturally, all of the marketing has announced the Prison Break connection as much as possible..

Malcolm GoodwinPrison BreakBreakout Kings

The show has a similar feel to the new Hawaii Five-0 reboot, which is a good thing. Both shows have different stories each week, but the constants are funny banter between the characters and believable action.

Malcolm GoodwinHawaii Five-0Prison Break

What is it about your character, Shea, that you like so much?

Malcolm Goodwinme

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The chemistry amongst the cast is really strong, which definitely helps the first episode. Do you all feel things click quickly?

Malcolm Goodwinback

As in, the other inmates think you all have flipped and work for The Man now?

Malcolm Goodwin

Lately, it seems that more and more high-caliber talents are going into television, like Martin Scorsese (Boardwalk Empire) and Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead). As an actor, what makes TV so appealing when compared to film?.

Malcolm Goodwin

It does seem like TV is the new field of choice for not only actors, but directors, as well.

Malcolm Goodwin