If you caught the beginning of the Miley Cyrus-hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend, then you probably saw Cyrus impersonate tabloid train wreck Lindsay Lohan during the SNL spoof of a Charlie Sheen talk show, Duh! Winning! It looks like Lindsay caught the skit, too, and she isn't pleased.

According to TMZ (so, consider the source), Lohan is very upset at both Cyrus and SNL producer Lorne Michaels for the cheap shots in the sketch. "Things are great; Herbie opened 68 months ago," Cyrus-as-Lohan joked. "And the Los Angeles County courthouse just gave me my own parking spot. Winning!"

Apparently, Lohan took this so hard that she even sent an e-mail to Michaels expressing her displeasure. TMZ says that Lohan considers Lorne a "father figure." Expect this to be refutted by Lohan and SNL shortly.