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Complex: How did Gigi come about?

Josh Gad


josh-gad-as-gigiWhat did you base the character himself on?

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It’s interesting, because that style of comedy is so classical, and it always seems to work. Why do you think there are so few people doing it these days? Is it solely the Judd Apatow influence?

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I was just going to say that Kevin James definitely works in that kind of comedy style.

Josh Gad

One semi-recent example of that kind of comedy that always makes me crack up is the scene in Hot Fuzz where Nick Frost tries to hop the fence but just falls face-first into it.

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For the generation I come from, the reference for physical comedy has to be Chris Farley. Watching Gigi, I started remembering some of Farley’s stuff. There really seems to be a heavy Farley influence.

Josh GadSaturday Night Live

When you’re creating a fish-out-of-water character, how difficult is it to keep things fresh and innovative? That type of character has been done so many times already.

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The Borat connection seems like one that is almost unavoidable to make. Were you conscious of that going into this project?

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The “web series” format is a really interesting route to take. What about the web appealed to you for a project like this one?

Josh Gad

book-of-mormonSwitching gears, you’ve also got The Book Of Mormon starting up right now, and there’s a huge amount of buzz surrounding that play. How’d you get connected with Trey Parker and Matt Stone?

Josh Gad

Did you have to audition in any way, or were you friendly with Trey and Matt before things began?

Josh GadSouth Park

What’s your character all about?

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trey-parker-matt-stoneTrey Parker and Matt Stone were on The Daily Show recently and they talked about how the Mormon community has really embraced the play, and how they probably didn’t even realize that no one involved with it is actually Mormon.

Josh Gad

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