The earthquake and subsequent tsunami (and nuclear near-catastrophe) that ravaged Japan last week will have a long-lasting impact on the country and its citizens. The tragedy affects every aspect of life for the Japanese people, and while the gaming industry is the least of the concerns, it too was damaged by these events. Yakuza: Of the End and a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC have both been delayed indefinitely. Xbox 360 shipments to Japan, including Dragon Age IIhave also been delayed. Disaster Report 4 was due out this spring, but since the game takes place in a city destroyed by an earthquake, it has been cancelled outright.  On a positive note, the gaming industry has numerous efforts ongoing to provide relief for the Japanese people, and many publishers have donated millions of yen to the cause.  Click our source link for more information on how you too can help. [via 1Up]