1. AFTER HOURS (1985)

Director: Martin Scorsese
James Gunn says: My favorite dark comedy, which is also one of my favorite films of all time, is After Hours. I’ve seen After Hours as much as almost any film I’ve ever seen in my life; I’ve watched it dozens of times, and I still watch it once a year. I still get a thrill out of it every time I see it.

I think Griffin Dunne’s performance in the movie is a masterpiece. It’s one of the few comedies where the camerawork is really important, and really crazy, and it actually works. Most comedies work when the camerawork is a little more basic, but After Hours has some very interesting camerawork, and Scorsese does a great job with it. He did another great black comedy, The King Of Comedy, but I think After Hours is a better film, and definitely a funnier film.

I just showed it to my girlfriend for the first time, about two weeks ago, and she was blown away. There are just some great performances in that movie. Rosanna Arquette is so, so damn funny! It’s full of people who gave performances and then you never saw that kind of performance from them again.

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