At this rate, we might found out how he me their mother sometime in 2014. Vulture reports that CBS and Twentieth Century Fox television are close to agreeing on a deal that will keep How I Met Your Mother on the air for at least another two seasons. High five.

Apparently, the deal has been held up because of monetary concerns on both sides, something now even more pressing for CBS thanks to the uncertain status (read: Sheen) of powerhouse hit Two and a Half Men. But considering HIMYM has been a top-rated sitcom for the last few seasons it seems likely a deal will be ironed out. After all, more people watch How I Met Your Mother than they do The Office.

Which brings up an interesting question: Shouldn't How I Met Your Mother creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays use this two year respite to map out the remaining plots of their show and tie up all the loose ends? Since its debut, Mother has felt like the sit-com version of Lost—a story that benefits weekly viewership and close reads, packed with Easter eggs for the real fans. That kind of series can get tiring without a payoff, and eight years seems like quite enough. Nothing against HIMYM or anything, but every show needs a last call.