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Hope Dworaczyk Interview

Complex: Did Donald Trump personally request that you join this new season?

Hope Dworaczyk

hope dworaczyk celebrity apprentice
So his own employees actually call him “The Donald”?

Hope DworaczykLaughs.Celebrity Apprentice

Was that first meeting with him intimidating?

Hope DworaczykLaughs.

Prior to all of that, were you one of the millions of people who consider Celebrity Apprentice to be a huge guilty pleasure?

Hope DworaczykThe ApprenticeCelebrity ApprenticeCelebrity Apprentice

Having never watched it, then, you must’ve been unprepared for all of the catfights and drama.

Hope Dworaczyk

Was that disappointing?

Hope DworaczykLaughs.

You’ve said that one of the reasons you wanted to do the show was to prove that models aren’t all about the good looks. Have you had trouble getting people to take you seriously?

Hope DworaczykchosechosePlayboy

So what made you choose to use the sex appeal to your advantage, then?

Hope Dworaczyk

Do you think the show will prove all of this about you, in light of the rampant fights and silliness?

Hope DworaczykLaughs.

And this season’s cast has plenty of insane ass to kick. This could be the most bizarre mix of celebs The Donald has assembled yet.

Hope Dworaczyk

hope dworaczyk gary busey lil jon
Gary Busey seems like he’s the craziest person in Hollywood. How strange was he in reality?

Hope DworaczykLaughs.

Speaking of energy, you mentioned Lil Jon already. Have you gotten low to his music in the past? Or is hip-hop not your thing?

Hope DworaczykisPlayboy

Why do you think people immediately jump to those conclusions?

Hope DworaczykUS Weekly

Two words: Charlie Sheen.

Hope Dworaczykfucking

The whole “trainwreck” thing relates to Celebrity Apprentice in some ways, too. People love watching the show to see all of the fights and bickering.

Hope DworaczykLaughs.

What’s interesting about reality television, though, is that the editors can manipulate the footage to make someone seem like they’re a villain, or saying dumb things. For instance, your NBC promo video [seen below] is spliced together to make you look a little foolish. Is that sense of vulnerability tough to handle at times?

Hope DworaczykLaughs.

There’s the bit in the NBC promo video where you say that you’re willing to do anything to win, but then the next clip shows you telling the group that you won’t do Photoshop. Stuff like that is clearly manipulated to make you look a certain way, no?

Hope DworaczykLaughs.

donald trump angry
Well, if people think you don’t know anything about the 21st century now, as a result, you can always watch Comedy Central’s roast of Donald Trump [that airs tomorrow night]. Are you going to watch that?

Hope DworaczykLaughs.

If they would’ve asked you to get on stage and roast him, would you have done it? And if so, what would your knockout joke be?


Hope Dworaczyk On Celebrity Apprentice