Another day, another potentially massive HBO project to make you reconsider removing the premium channel to your cable service. The network is planning to develop a miniseries based on Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Barton Gellman.

The miniseries, which traces Cheney's political life all the way back to its humble beginnings in the Nixon adminstration, will be written by Rick Cleveland, who worked with Aaron Sorkin on The West Wing and knows his way around the dark corners of the White House. No word yet on casting, though it's sure to be a big one. Perhaps Richard Dreyfuss can try his hand as Cheney yet again? The acclaimed actor portrayed the former VP in Oliver Stone's forgettable W., and managed to be one of the best parts. If not him, whoever finishes second in the HBO casting derby for John McCain's role in Game Change should probably suffice.