ArenaNet recently announced the Thief class for its upcoming MMO, Guild Wars 2.  While having a rogue-like class is anything but innovative, they do have some unique traits that stand them apart from anything we’ve seen before. For instance, the thief actually steals in Guild Wars 2. We’re not talking about picking pockets for some spare change—stealing in GW2 results in gaining new skills and abilities based upon what they pilfer from the enemy.  Steal a heavy branch off of a foe and gain the ability to knock someone back with the borrowed club. The thief class is designed around using hit-and-run tactics; great mobility, but it'll take skill to not get caught. Toe-to-toe, the thief can't take the weight, so be ready to stick and move. Guild Wars 2 is expected to launch for the PC later this year. In the meantime, check out the awesome thief trailer below. [via Kotaku]