Do you have any plans for April 25 (besides finally waking up after your 4/20 celebration)? You’re going to cancel them after you watch this video of the Gears of War 3 beta test, which starts that day. The sneak peek starts with a gruesome digger-launcher execution, complete with flying bits of brain.  Then the action jumps to a Capture the Leader match where the controlled player uses a Tac-Com mode to see through walls and obstacles so he can call out enemy positions. They save the best for last, as an enemy has his leg blown off and then is used as a meat shield before being tagged with an explosive, kicked off balance towards his allies, and delivering the unwanted payload. They call that one "The Hopper.” GoW 3 looks like it's about to dish out a heaping portion of awesome, and we’re less than a month away from giving it a spin. [via Gamesradar]