Does the name Roland Emmerich send chills down your spines, lifelong Godzilla fans? Well, Gareth Edward, the newly christened director of the next Godzilla remake, is here to make you emit a throaty roar of celebration. The recently announced incarnation of the legendary kaiju is in safe hands with the creator of the stellarly subtle creature feature Monsters. Empire caught up with Edwards at the Jameson Empire Awards and he put minds at ease while stressing that the radioactive reptar was ripe for an update.

"The thing that's so interesting is that Godzilla has evolved since the original one in the ‘50s," said Edwards. "So there is the opportunity to bring it up to date. But we want to stay true to the fanbase as well and I'm a fan of the Toho films."

Does this mean Edwards will pull a Zack Snyder and claim that no other Godzilla's exist in order to start from scratch? We'll have to wait to find out.

Until then, Edwards is hard at work on penning the script and keeping details under wraps. He's also well aware of the level of scrutiny that will fall on his take of the massive monster. "Everyone's got a very strong opinion about Godzilla and what it should be."