Last Notable Release: None

Complex Says: So we've gotten our shits and giggles from playing the casual games released for the Kinect so far. Fun times have been had petting our pet tiger cubs, doing yoga, and doing the Roger Rabbit. It's been real, guys, but now we're ready for some hardcore, hands-free gaming. We were pleasently surprised by how dope and intuitive Killzone 3 played with the Playstation Move, so imagine how fun such a game could perform on the Kinect. Gears of Kinect? Halo Kinect? Too Human Kinect? Wait, scratch that last one.

Will It Be Announced?: We say yay. Microsoft has hit the casual market hard with all types diversion titles, but now it's time for them to please the millions of hardcore gamers that have kept them at the top. A motion-controlled FPS or GTA would do just fine, thanks.

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