Last Notable ReleaseGrand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City (PS3/360, 2009)

Complex Says: Rockstar has brightened up our gaming lives time and time again with classics like Red Dead Redemptionand plenty of other open-world gaming experiences. They're currently cooking up the groundbreaking graphical feat known as L.A. Noire for release in May, but what about the series that brought them to the forefront of the gaming industry and changed the way games were made forever? Grand Theft Auto, bitches! Number 5 needs to show up in some way or form at this year's E3. Where would it take place, though? Las Vegas sounds like a cool sandbox to play in.

Will It Be Announced?: Maybe. Rockstar is busy at work with their other soon-to-be released games, so maybe their time is focused on those games instead at the moment. Or maybe (we hope this one rings true), they're simply working behind the scenes on the next installment of GTA. Option 2 sounds so much sweeter.

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