Before we go on, let us clarify that Woody Harrelson is playing a gay dude from Jersey. (Just saying, we didn’t expect to see that.) Now going onto this new trailer for Easy A director Will Gluck’s sex-buddy rom-com, we’re not shy to admit its likable charm and effective comedy pique our interest levels more than a few notches higher than January's No Strings Attached, a movie with a similar plot but much less appeal (other than seeing Natalie Portman in lingerie, of course).

Like Portman and Ashton Kutcher’s earlier effort, Friends with Benefits features two pals (Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis) who have recently broken up with their significant others and decide it’s beneficial for them to become fuck buddies. Though it sounds good in theory, unlike ‘90s rappers, the characters actually have these thingz called “emotions.” As more fucking occurs and feelings get complicated, hints of starry-eyed affection follow, but also gets balanced out by comical wit from Patricia Clarkson and the aforementioned Woody Harrelson.

Go watch it with that one homegirl you’ve never gotten in with yet on July 22nd.