Instagram, the photo app that lets you hipster-ize and share your iPhone pics, is one of the buzziest apps on iOS. But there's one information-age-old problem that the user friendly app won't help you with: printing. That's where Instaprint comes in.

The new "toy" from the folks at Breakfast brilliantly uses Instagram's geotagging and hashtag features to pull related series of photos from the cloud and print them automatically. Set up Instaprint at your party or gathering, tell it what tag to use, and your guests will be treated to a continuous string of pics-- taken from their own perspective. It even includes the comments. It's like a really smart photobooth, without the booth.

There are only a few Instaprints in the world so far (two will debut at SXSW this week), but you can get a taste of the idea by tagging your Instagrams with the #instapring hashtag. Until march 10th, the photos will be printed live on as a part of beta testing. You can rent your very own by hitting up Instaprint by email. Hopefully, this tech gets a more wide release soon.