Well, it was nice while it lasted. Dragon Age 2 had been out for barely 24 hours when gamers discovered a glitch that allows cheaters to gain unlimited amounts of experience points and gold.  To exploit this issue—which appears to only occur on the Xbox 360—you choose one of the find-and-deliver sidequests and you draw your weapon prior to turning the quest in.  Next turn in your quest, sheath your weapon before the questgiver finishes speaking, and then mash the action button like your family’s life depends on it.  As your exp and gold totals skyrocket, put on your best Charlie Sheen voice and scream, “WINNING!” This "creative use of game mechanics" is likely to be fixed soon, so if you’re the type who wants to ruin your gameplay experience, then you'd better do your cheating soon. Video of it is below for you vicarious degenenerates. [via Game Front]