Although the masses weren't able to sign up for Twitter until July 15, 2006, co-founder Jack Dorsey, sent the first ever tweet five years ago on March 21. And what'd that tweet say? Nothing special, really. According to Wikipedia, Dorsey's first tweet read: "just setting up my twitter."

Since its inception and launch, Twitter has changed the way people share, discuss, and consume media and news. Multiple news stories found their first readers on the micro-blogging social network. It's played an invaluable part in helping to inform the masses during major disasters and conflicts. The earthquakes in Haiti and Japan come to mind; as do the Egyptian protests.

It's also given fans unprecedented access to celebrities, granting them a taste of their lifestyle in 140-character chunks. Some artists, athletes, and even politicians have watched their public profile grow as quickly as their number of Twitter followers.

But that off-the-cuff access; that freedom to tell the world exactly what's on your mind, comes with a price. In Twitter's five years we've seen celebrities—and even regular people—ether themselves by tweeting things that would have been better left untyped. And 98% of them have been straight up hilarious.

That was impetus behind our 100 Most Controversial Tweets feature. While you're celebrating Twitter's Kevin Garnett year, take a look back at some of the wildest things ever said in 140 characters on Twitter.

The 100 Most Controversial Tweets