After dealing with Entertainment Tonight co-host Mark Steines' irritating narration over our initial look at the trailer, we're finally blessed with the first official look at Marvel's long-awaited Captain America: The First Avenger, and we're quite impressed.

Taking place during World War II, the Joe Johnston-directed flick centers on Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), a young soldier who has courage but lacks physique. He decides to enlist in a government project—overseen by Howard Starks (Dominic Cooper), father of Tony/Iron Man—to turn himself into a diesel wonderboy with super human capabilities. And thus begins the patriotic crusade to bust evil's ass with American righteousness. 

The trailer does a fine job of combining both story and effects-thick money shots. There's not too much bombastic CGI—unless you consider a shriveling, Benjamin Button-esque Chris Evans body as overbearing.

We're hoping for the best. The hype will either be proven or debunked on July 22nd.