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Marc Webb'sMarvel

There is not a whole lot to talk about. Sony wants us to be hush-hush right now. I play a relatively small role. I play a construction worker who's son is caught in the middle of a battle between The Lizard and Spider-Man on the Manhattan bridge. Spider-Man helps me get my son back from this perilous situation. There is some payback there at the end of the movie. Spider-Man is kind of hurting. I help him when all of the other people won't. Part of the story is, the nation thinks he might be a bad guy. They don't know what to think. Because of my experience on the bridge with my kid, I know he is a good guy. I pitch in and help out at the end. That is the best way.

With Andrew Garfield slinging webs (and earning Martin Sheen's praises) in The Amazing Spider-Man, it seems that Spidey fans will finally get to see the battle between the tragic and primal Dr. Curt Connors and his friend/enemy Peter Parker. Hopefully, Webb's film will handle the tale better than Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 did with Venom.

The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled to hit theaters in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on July 3, 2012.