Fame is a fickle thing, no? A few days ago a video made the rounds showing how some hotshots figured out a way to rack up 500 kills in a single match of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Cue the banhammer! According to one of Treyarch's community managers, the involved accounts have been revoked and their ranks have been reset. The video clearly shows the offenders camping spawn points in unison and slaughtering the poor sods before they can react.  Here's the thing: this is a form of boosting and it's against the rules. But at the same time, one could argue that the spawn points in the game should be better randomized to make this sort of exploit impossible—even in a Demolition match. Regardless of your stance on the debate, if you’re going to take to the intertubes bragging about some potentially questionable antics, at least have the common sense to hide your gamertag in the video. Just saying, guys. [via Battle Strats]