Konami and Saber Interactive are entering the gaming adaptation business via a downloadable first-person shooter version of the upcoming film Battle: Los Angeles—yeah, that one with Ne-Yo in it. Gamers will assume the role of Corporal Lee Imlay and fight alongside characters from the film to defend Los Angeles from attacks of what they are calling unknown forces (is that PC for aliens?). The single-player campaign allows players to use assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, frag grenades, and a turret gun. In addition to the supercharged straps, there are destructible environments powered by a Havok-powered engine, which will allow players to destroy scaffolding structures, vehicles, and overpasses as they strive to eliminate enemy forces. Konami didn’t mention anything about multiplayer, but there's unlockable content and trophy support, so we assume some form of MP is coming. 

Battle: Los Angeles the video game will be available on the PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and Windows PC.