If there's anyone who can help Ashton Kutcher break free of the box office limbo that he's been in lately, it might just be Justin Bieber. Mr. Demi Moore and your sister's favorite person ever are reportedly part of a Sony project called What Would Kenny Do?, in which a 17-year-old (Bieber) encounters his 30-year-old self (Kutcher) as a hologram looking to guide the teen through the jungle known as high school.

The LA Times got the scoop about the Chris Baldi script, which has been on the Black List since 2008 and has recently been rewritten by the (500) Days of Summer duo of Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber.

The pair have already discussed at least one other project—the former Punk'd host said back in Jaunary that he talked with the teen phenom about taking over a revitalized version of the cable reality prank show. Sony hopes that the young singing sensation's star power (and influence over teenage girls) will make fans "beliebers" of Ashton Kuther again.

The Japanese multinational conglomerate, along with Kutcher's Katalyst Entertainment and Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment, look to get camera's rolling in 2012.