Well, for now, anyway. 

Despite not updating the only iPod still rocking with a regular ol' hard drive since September of '09, Apple claims that it will not be discontinuing the iPod Classic. 

A MacRumors reader tipped the site off that it e-mailed CEO Steve Jobs in September after the Classic failed to get upgraded with the rest of its family. Jobs responded, like he's usually known to randomly do, and said that Apple has no plans to stop making the hard drive. 

Q: Hello, I've heard a LOT of speculation that Apple is looking to kill the iPod Classic because it wasn't updated on Sept. 1st, and that a lot of people would rather Touch. The iPod Classic is probably the best iPod in the line. PLEASE DON'T KILL IT!!!

A: We have no plans to. 

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With a 160 GB hard drive, the iPod Classic is currently the highest capacity iPod in the line, and the only one that resembles the original iPod both in hardware and software. Fans of the classic got a little hope when Toshiba released its 220 GB hard drives in January. 

[via Mac Rumors