Location: East 161st Street and River Avenue, The Bronx
Opened: 1923
Demolished: September 2008
Current Status: Eventually a park; currently a hole
Nickname: "The House that Ruth Built"
Famed Tenants: New York Yankees (MLB) (1923-1973) (1976-2008), New York Giants (NFL) (1956-1973)

Iffy Neighborhood Hosted World Championship Multi-Sport

Yes, half the world hates the Yankees (the other half loves them), and yes, it was cramped and lacking in pretty much every modern amenity. Nonetheless, from the greatest NFL game ever played to classic boxing matches to a World Series victory or 27 for the Yankees, the Stadium had more history than the Pyramids. The first three-tier stadium built in North America, the park underwent numerous renovations and improvements over the years, but always remained true to the pinstripes until finally giving way to the new Yankee Stadium. You take your luxury skyboxes and jumbotrons, we'll keep "Box seats suck!" and the memories.