Location: 3625 Dodier Street, St. Louis
Opened: 1902
Demolished: 1966
Current Status: Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club
Nickname: n/a
Famed Tenants: St. Louis Brown Stockings (NA / MLB) (1875-1877), St. Louis Brown Stockings (AA) (1882-1893), St. Louis Browns (MLB) (1902-1953), St. Louis Cardinals (MLB) (1920-1966)

Hosted World Championship Architectural Marvel

A great park for lefty sluggers like the amazing Stan Musial (who spent his whole career in the 'Lou), Sportsman's Park was the Cards original home field. This was also the beginning of a long relationship of St. Louis sports with Anheuser Busch and the Busch family, but came long after beer and baseball first mixed. Our estimate for that? The bottom of the first in the sport's first game.

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