Location: West 155th Street and Eighth Avenue, New York
Opened: 1890
Demolished: April 1964
Current Status: Polo Grounds Towers housing complex
Nickname: n/a
Famed Tenants: New York Giants (MLB) (1891-1957), New York Yankees (MLB) (1913-1922), New York Mets (MLB) (1962-1963), New York Giants (NFL) (1925-1955), New York Titans/Jets (AFL) (1960-1963)

Iffy Neighborhood Hosted World Championship Multi-Sport Lovable Dump Architectural Marvel

Originally built in 1876 for polo, there were four different incarnations of the Grounds. The most famous, known for its short left and right fields and unusually deep center field, was one of baseball's most unique and beloved ballparks for almost 75 years, and was host to a famous game you may have heard of.