Location: 900 East 33rd Street, Baltimore
Opened: 1950
Demolished: 2001
Current Status: YMCA
Nickname: "The Old Gray Lady of 33rd Street"; "The World's Largest Outdoor Insane Asylum"
Famed Tenants: Baltimore Colts (NFL) (1953-1983), Baltimore Orioles (MLB) (1954-1991)

Hosted World Championship Multi-Sport Lovable Dump

A relatively conventional mid-20th century horseshoe stadium, The Old Gray Lady had the unconventional distinction of being the home to two iconic and highly successful franchises (yes, Generation Text, the O's used to be good), only one of which packed up their bags and left like thieves in the night. Memorial Stadium was also the site of a plane crash immediately following an NFL playoff game, an event that it's safe to say nobody wants to see repeated.