Location: 55 Sullivan Place, Brooklyn
Opened: 1913
Demolished: February 23, 1960
Current Status: The Jackie Robinson Apartment Buildings
Nickname: n/a
Famed Tenants: Brooklyn Dodgers (MLB) (1913-1957)

Inspired Copycats Iffy Neighborhood Hosted World Championship Architectural Marvel

One of the most beloved and storied ballparks of all time, Ebbets Field would rate a lot higher on this list if anybody writing it had actually been alive when the venerated ballpark was still around. As it is, Ebbets gave rise to the Brooklyn Dodgers and countless references in American popular culture. Most recently, the Mets tried to bring some historic character to their Citi Field with an architectural nod to the Ebbets entryway. Now if only we could get Jackie Robinson back from the dead...