Location: 2001 West Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia
Opened: 1909
Demolished: 1976
Current Status: Deliverance Evangelistic Church
Nickname: n/a
Famed Tenants: Philadelphia Athletics (MLB) (1909-1954), Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) (1938-1970), Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) (1940, 1942-1957)

Inspired Copycats Hosted World Championship Multi-Sport Architectural Marvel

The first concrete and steel stadium built in the U.S., Connie Mack, or Shibe Park as it was better known, was home to the Philly Athletics and saw them in seven World Series, of which they won three. Demolished in 1976, it was commemorated on a stamp in 2001 (uh, late pass?) for its historic merit citing, among other things, its 34-foot right field wall and French Renaissance cupola.