Artist: Pavement
City: Northern California (State)
Year: 1994
Best Line: "I'm not your neighbor, you Bakersfield trash."

Disses Rival City Makes Us Not Want to Visit Artist Doesn't Live There Any More

To be fair, "Unfair" isn't the most anthemy song out there (it's missing a repeated chorus, for instance), but what it lacks in anthemyness it more than makes up for with good ol' fashioned slacker vitriol. Pavement had already tossed down the gauntlet for Northern Cali with "Two States" off their debut album Slanted and Enchanted, but they up their northern pride even more here with a pointed critique of all things SoCal, up to and including the most poetic depiction of Western water politics committed to wax ("Man-made deltas and concrete rivers / The South takes what the North delivers"). We'd point out that residents along the Colorado River have an even bigger stake in that fight, but if Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, or even Utah have an iconic indie rock band writing for their chambers of commerce, we haven't heard 'em.