Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd
City: Alabma (State)
Year: 1974
Best Line: "Sweet home Alabama / I'm coming home to you."

Disses Rival City Sung by non-native Makes Us Want to Visit

The year was 1974 and on wax Skynyrd waged war with Neil Young over depictions of the South (in real life they were pals, no beef here). Written as a response to Young's "Southern Man," "Sweet Home Alabama" became an anthem, not just for 'Bama, but for the entire region. Yeah, this is a song made by a bunch of crackers (that a whole bunch of crackers really, really love), but those white boys had swag to burn. Pretty sure that's the first time Skynyrd's been given that nod, but we're sticking to our guns.

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