Artist: Wiz Khalifa
City: Pittsburgh
Year: 2010
Best Line: "Reppin' my town when you see me / I'm in black and yellow, black and yellow."

Makes Us Want to Visit

Number of times the word "Pittsburgh" occurs in Black and Yellow: 0. Number of rocks in Wiz's watch's face that prevent him from knowing the correct time: too many to count. In a way, it makes a certain sense that the too-often slept/shit-on city of Pittsburgh would go completely unmentioned in the song that is its anthem. It's like Wiz intentionally leaves out the details of his hometown so that non-natives won't be able to falsely claim knowledge of the place based on a handful of listens. If that's the case, good. Let Pittsburgh be for the Pittsburghers. Everyone else can go back to pretending to be from New York or L.A.