For those tree-hugging pacifists who feel bad whenever they swat flies, we present Buzz and Scuzz, two of kids’ cinema’s most unlikeable characters of all time. A pair of overly talkative horseflies, the not-so-dynamic duo spend all of their screen time in Racing Stripes basically one-upping each other’s ability to aggravate the hell out of viewers. They’re why fly swatters were invented.

Racing Stripes has the historical blemish of being the film in which the unfortunate comedy team of David Spade (as Scuzz) and Steve Harvey (Buzz) set racial humor back decades. Witness their heinous rendition of the Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder tune “Ebony and Ivory” sung on the back of “Stripes” the zebra. Or how they needlessly insult that innocent zebra with kindergarten-level disses. They should hover over Stripes’ dung, where they belong.

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