As if all of the Mayan calendar/end-of-the-world theories about 2012 weren’t causing us enough headaches, now we have triple 11s to deal with thanks to Darren Lynn Bousman, who first gained fame as the director of Saw II, III, and IV.

The premise deals with a writer named Joseph (Timothy Gibbs) who heads to Barcelona after the loss of his wife and kid. In addition to his brother and dying father, supernatural freakouts greet him, all leading him toward the number 11 and the potential destruction of the world. Sounds rather fitting for the post-Halloween release date (the same as the movie's title), and a pre-2012 arrival.

Bousman’s violent cinematic exploits have garnered positive reviews from genre heads in the past, but 11-11-11 seems much different than his past fare. Save for the blood-drenched musical Repo! The Genetic Opera, his movies take up space in the dreaded "torture porn" lane; 11-11-11, however, has more eerie atmosphere in its trailer alone than anything else he's done yet.

Prepare for your damning end this November.