Yahoo is attempting to get back on the forefront of Internet content with a new platform for tablet devices called LiveStand. The new venture is an HTML 5 website that enables users with tablets to interact with their online profiles and news streams via a stylish and visual interface. Basically, it looks a lot like Flipboard. is a "personalized digital newsstand" that will let users log in with their Yahoo, Facebook or Google accounts and display an array of content from around the web based on your interests and social media activity. It is not an app, a fact that Yahoo points to as making Livestand easier and more accessible to use. The site can also display content from any publisher that wants to code for it, such as magazines and newspapers.

Livestand looks slick, and we always love a good implementation of HTML5. If Livestand works, it could combine the rich, multimedia features of an app with the openness of the Web.

It'll be interesting to see if this thing takes off and can compete with apps like Flipboard, or if it just peters out like buzzup and a lot of other Yahoo ventures.