TVs, handheld game systems, camcorders—if it wasn't obvious that 3-D wasn't going anywhere, LG's upcoming smartphone, the Optimus 3D should be all the corroboration you need.

The Korean electronics maker is set to announce what it calls "the world's first 3D smartphone" in two weeks (Feb. 14) at the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Powered by a dual-core processor and multichannel RAM, the Optimus 3D will rock with a glasses-free 3-D display and a camera that can record 3-D video, according to Android news site, Phandroid.

Does anyone need a 3-D smartphone? We don't think so. We wouldn't want to watch a 3-D video on a 3" screen—besides the squinting, the battery may not even last long enough to watch a full TV show. That said, we can't wait to test one on the off chance that it actually turns out to be dope.

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