Despite being worlds better than its predecessor, Microsoft's newest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, came out the gate with a few bugs and missing a couple key features. To remedy that, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, during his Mobile World Congress keynote, today confirmed that Microsoft will send out the first software update for Windows Phone 7 by March. New features that will be introduced in the update will be the ability to copy and paste, the ability to multitask, and better integration with other Microsoft services like Bing and Windows Marketplace. Also in the pipeline is an updated to Internet Explorer 9 that will include tabbed browsing. Ballmer also said that the update will bring CDMA support, allowing for WP7 handsets to run on the Verizon and Sprint network. Which then lead to the annoucement that there will be a Verizon WP7 phone coming this year. And Verizon keeps winning.

[Boy Genius Reports]